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Types of Vegans

Types of vegan

Ethical Vegan
An ethical vegan is one who not only believes that we shouldn’t eat animals but that we shouldn’t use animal products. They believe that animals rights should be protected and observed and also that we should take care of our environment. The vegan philosophy usually extends to their everyday life.

Plant-based Vegan
This is a diet that involves the consumption of only plant-based foods such fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds. Veganism is considered a philosophy, whereas plant-based eating is not, however, the diet is vegan.

Raw Foodists
These are vegans who consume a diet of unprocessed, uncooked foods or foods not heated above 118 F / 42 C degrees. Their diet consist of mainly fruits or vegetables or a combination of both.

Fruitarians are vegans whose diet consist of only fruits.

Vegan Vegetarians / True Vegetarians
There are vegans who give more preference to vegetables. They do consume some amount of fruits but the majority of their diet is vegetable matter. The diet can be totally raw or a combination of both cooked and raw foods.

Alkaline Vegans
The alkaline vegans eat a diet of alkaline foods. They break down foods into that which is alkaline and that which is not. The principle came out of Dr Sebi’s electric foods. This is consuming foods that were created by nature as opposed to foods created by man in a laboratory.

Junk Food Vegans
Junk food vegans, as the name suggests consume a diet predominantly of junk and processed foods. These include sodas, fizzy drinks, microwave dinners, pizza, meat substitutes, chips and crisps.

Cooked Food Vegan
A vegan who consumes some amount of raw foods in the form of fruits and vegetables but most of their meals are cooked above 118 F (40 C). This could involve grilling, frying, boiling and baking.

Starch-based Vegan
This diet was made popular by Dr. John McDougall. The belief is that we need some amount of cooked starch in our diet to keep the body healthy. Fruits and vegetables are also consumed as an accompaniment to the starches.

80/10/10 Vegan
This a vegan diet introduced by Doug Graham. It’s a diet consisting of 80% carbohydrates (carbs) / 10% proteins / 10% fats.

Raw til 4
This diet was made popular by YouTuber Freelee the Banana Girl. The participants follow the 80/10/10 diet, however they consume raw food up to 4pm after which they consume cooked foods.

Which vegan diet do you follow?

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