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Doliocarpus dentatus (Aublet) Standley
Tetracera spp.
Pinzona sp.

Capadula, Kabuduli, Kapadula, Sah-kah-ti-to, Liane Rouge.
PATTERN: Dolicarpus dentatus flowers throughout the dry season, from December to April, but par in February. In central Panama the fruits mature from March to May (possibly later), chiefly in April. (Flora of Barro)
PARTS USED: Whole plant – leaves, stem, root, bark, sap

USES: Whole plant: Decoction for venereal disease. Mixed, for a tonic, with Philodendron fragrantissimum, Strychnos sp., Smilax schomburgkiana, Clusia grandiflora and Bauhinia scala-simiae.

Stem and Bark: Used to make an aphrodisiac tea, or used to make an infusion when chopped and soaked in wine.

Leaf: Used to disinfect the umbilical cord of newborn babies in Guyana.

Sap of the stem: Used to relieve stricture or as a thirst quencher. Sap is also used as an abortive, for coughs and colds, and to treat snakebites.


Capadulla Tonic #1: the roots and stems are boiled together with the Devil-doer stem, Cockshun, Kupa-rope and Granny Backbone to make a very powerful aphrodisiac.

Capadulla Tonic #2: Capadulla stem/bark, Sarsparilla root (Dioscorea trichanthera), kufa root (Clusia spp.), Locust bark (Hymenaea courbaril), Granny Backbone wood. (Curarea candicans), and Devil-doer wood (Strychnos spp.). The pieces may be boiled to make a decoction or soaked in rum or high wine to make a tonic.

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