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Ital is Vital emerged out of a desire to share as much information as possible with as many people as possible. It started with the YouTube channel and then the blog was created as an extension of the channel. The blog makes it easier to share information that wasn’t feasible via video.

Most of us have a health story and mine started with peptic ulcer and constipation and later fibroids, general discomfort and feelings of dis-ease. This lead me on a search to find answers because my doctors didn’t have any, or rather any that made me felt good outside of a few moments.

I grew up in the Caribbean and had access to a lot of the ‘right’ things – natural seasonal foods, sunshine and herbs. However, I didn’t know how to use them properly to promote that feeling of mental and physical wellness. I knew about the benefits of using herbs but not as much as I should have, and found it hard to even imagine how the Rastafarians managed without eating meat and never really got the ‘ital is vital’ phrase. On my journey I found out more about herbs, diet, discovered Dr Sebi and continued to learn and research…and I still do everyday.

Nature has the answer…health is simpler than we were lead to believe. Just by changing your diet to a whole food plant-based lifestyle (especially one rich in fruits, vegetables and herbs) can make a tremendous difference in your life. I know, because it is my reality and the reality of many other people…the numbers are growing everyday.

My health is my responsibility…your health is your responsibility…not your doctor’s. Many doctors themselves need to be doctored.

I hope this website, associated YouTube channel and social outlet will play some role in making you think about what you consider food, how you view ‘dis-ease’ and make more importantly, be willing to take your health in your own hands.

Julian Gooden
Julian Gooden
Founder, Ital is Vital

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