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Handbook of Medicinal Herbs by James A. Duke

Handbook of Medicinal Herbs, Second Edition by James A. Duke with Mary Jo Bogenschutz-Godwin, Judi duCellier, Peggy-Ann K. Duke HAN D B O O K O F Medicinal Herbs• Mary Jo Bogt schutz-Godwin Judi.dnCclliu Feggy—Aoa IN Dulc €R PRHSS H A N D B O

Pink Lady's Slipper

Lady’s Slippers Plant – It’s Benefits & Many Uses

Lady’s Slipper’s Herb Summary Ladies’ Slipper: Natural order, Orchidaceae. Latin Name: Cypripedium Pubescens. Common Names: Yellow moccasin flower, American Valerian, Umbel, Noah’s Ark, nerve root. Habitat: North America, in rich woods and meadows, flowering in May and June. It grows to a height of twelve


Seamoss Passion Juice Recipe

This seamoss passion juice recipe is so very tasty; and bananas are added to more sweetness and thickness to the drink. This one you will definitely be making again. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon Seamoss gel 2 Passion fruit 2 small ripe Bananas Direction: Cut open passion

Seville Orange – Benefits and Uses

Overview Scientific Name: Citrus aurantium L. Synonyms: Citrus vulgaris (Risso.). Botanical Family: Rutaceae Other Names: Bitter orange, Sour orange, Orange, Neroli, Bigarade Orange, Naranja, Loisel. Habitat: The plant is found in Africa, tropical Asia and is widely cultivated in other regions today. Medicinal Part(s) Used

Hog plum

List of Plants Collected in Ethnobotanical Survey in Trinidad

Trinidad is an island in the Caribbean known for many things including it’s beautiful flora and fauna. This includes many plants used for their medicinal uses. Below is a list of some of these: Reference(s) Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine – An ethnobotanical survey of

Covid-19 vaccine

Adverse Reactions

Adverse reactions have been a feature of the vaccine products since inception. However, most people have never thought about the fact that there are negative reactions, including death associated with vaccines, and the covid vaccines are no different. This post will feature adverse reactions and


Duck Flower – Uses and Benefits

Overview Latin name: Aristolochia trilobata L., Aristolochia spp. Other names: Flor de Pato, Duck Vine, Duck Flower Plant, Dutchman’s pipe, Pelican flower Location: Native to central and eastern North America Plant Description A plant of the birthwort family, duck flower is one of the world’s

Sheep sorrel

Ojibwa Herb Tea – A Remedy for Herpes

Ojibwa Indian herb tea is a 280-year old Native American Indian root and herb tea remedy made in the 1700’s by the Ojibwa Indian medicine society. Ojibwa people used it to survive a smallpox genocide started by the early European settlers. Native Americans have since


Why Chaparral Is Powerful Against Herpes

Chaparral is reputed among native populations for its effectiveness in helping to turn around many serious diseases. It has been used by well-known natural healers such as Dr. Sebi, Dr. Robert Morse, and Dr. Christopher. In addition to its traditional uses, it is also considered