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Oregon Grape Root Benefits and Uses

oregon grape

The Oregan Grape falls into the category of alterative. It belongs to the order Berberidaceae.

Latin name: Berberis Aquifolium.

Synonyms: (or common names) Rocky Mountain grape, Holly leaved barberry, California barberry and Trailing mahonia.

Habitat: Grows along the western coast of United States and in the Rocky Mountains.

Parts Used: Rhizome and roots.

Therapeutic Properties and Uses:
It is considered one of our best alterative blood purifiers and liver stimulants.

Uses: Weak digestion, flatulence, jaundice, blood impurities and as a general tonic to the whole system.

Formula: Decoction of Oregon Grape Root

2 ounces Oregon grape root (cut)
1 quart distilled water

1. Boil slowly in a covered saucepan for 20 minutes.
2. Strain through a cloth and when cool, bottle and keep in a cold place.

One wine glassful 3 times a day 1 hour before meals. If it relaxes the bowels too much, reduce the dose, but take regularly. This will be found to be a wonderful blood purifier and will restore health to many who are suffering from a sluggish liver, weak stomach, indigestion, and sallow skin.

For children: The dose is one teaspoonful to one dessert spoonful in honey water. It creates appetite and promotes digestion, increases strength and vitality.

Oregon grape root

Oregon grape root

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