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Hawthorn Berries For The Heart (Congestive Heart Failure and More)

hawthorn berries for the heart

Hawthorn berries act on the heart muscles in such a manner as to contract and strengthen them. Hawthorn is considered a remarkable cardiac tonic. It directly affects the cells of the heart muscle, enhancing both activity and nutrition.2

CRATAEGUS (Hawthorn)3
BERRIES, FLOWERING BRANCHES. Tincture [Fresh Plant, 1:2, Dry Berries, 1:5, 60% alcohol] 10-30 drops, to 3X a day.

COLD INFUSION: (Berries) 1-2 ounces, to 2X a day.

TEA: Leaves and flowers. 1-2 teaspoons to each cup boiling water; infuse 5-10 minutes. Dose: 1 cup.

DECOCTION: Fruits (Berries). 1-2 heaped teaspoons to each cup water; simmer gently 2 minutes. Dose: 1/2 -1 cup.

TABLETS/CAPSULES: Two 200-250mg.

LIQUID EXTRACTS: 8-15 drops in water.

TINCTURE: 1:5 in 45 per cent alcohol, dose: 15-30 drops (1-2ml).

Popular combinations:–
With Mistletoe and Valerian (equal parts) as a sedative for nervous heart.
With Lily of the Valley 1; Hawthorn berries 2; for cardiac oedema.
With Lime flowers, Mistletoe and Valerian (equal parts) for high blood pressure.
With Horseradish or Cayenne, as a safe circulatory stimulant.
A strong decoction of hawthorn berries and motherwort is recommended for heart failure.1
Gradual onset of action. Low incidence of side-effects. No absolute contra-indications.

hawthorn berries for the heart


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