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Opinion: Become Your Own Doctor

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Everything we eat become a part of us

The world today seems like a far different place to where it was just over two years ago. Things have certainly changed dramatically.

If we have learnt nothing from what has unfold since December 2019, it should at least be that we can’t hand over our health to anyone; we have to take on the responsibility to take care of ourselves. We have to become our own healer first; this can simply mean we begin to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, get regular sunshine, deep breathing, exercise, sleep etc. These may appear to be simple actions, but actions that could significantly improve one’s health…if you doubt me, try it!

Say no to drugs
Based on the information that have come out over the last two or so years, it should have at least revealed that doctors and nurses cannot be blindly trusted; and generally, the medical industry, and the various arms of it, including the WHO (World Health Organisation), the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

We should no longer be in a state where people see their doctors as their ‘gods’; the holder of all knowledge about the body and health.

This is unfortunately how many people see their doctors, but I think we should all reexamine that. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there aren’t many good doctors out there who genuinely care about their patients and lead them in the right direction. However, move with discernment because to many doctors and nurses their patients may be viewed as just potential money. You should always be willing to thoroughly explore treatment options offered.

The declared ‘covid-19’ ‘pandemic’ began to unravel before our very eyes the truth about the medical industry. The doctors serve the industry, not the patient, if not, mask mandates would not have been so readily accepted by doctors, and children now would not be the latest victims of experimental jabs that clearly have more negative effects, (including death), than being in anyway beneficial.

If we pay attention to the research, science and good old common sense then we will see that the ones in society trusted the most, are the ones who have massively betrayed us – not just health care professionals, but government, scientists, leaders, entertainers – the people often looked up.

We for too long have been encouraged to hand our health over to someone else. The reality though is that for a large number of people, the health conditions that we face are as a result of lifestyle choices, like what we eat, and how we live.

Everything we eat become a part of us; so the question is – ‘is this thing we put in our mouth beneficial to our health or not?’ If not, then figure out why you put it in your mouth – but know that our actions have consequences. When we realise this and act positively on it then we will see the consequences of our actions unfold in our health and well-being.

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