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Lung Cancer (Natural Remedies)

lung cancer

Cancer of the Lung

Lung Cancer is cancer in the lungs. It is one of the more common and serious types of cancer. There are usually no signs or symptoms in the early stages of lung cancer, however some people develop symptoms such as aches or pains when coughing or breathing, persistent breathlessness, persistent cough, coughing up blood and unexplained tiredness and weight loss.

Causes of Lung Cancer

Causes of lung cancer include occupational hazards, environmental pollution, radiation, and the keeping of pet birds. Cigarette smoking is also a strong risk factor.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

The symptoms of lung cancer include chronic irritative cough, pain in the chest, recurrent spitting of blood, clubbing of fingers, difficulty breathing, and weight loss.

Herbal Options

Herbs could be used successfully to treat lung cancer. It may be necessary to address it head-on by combining the herbs with fasting and lifestyle changes to bring about effective results. Herbs traditionally used for lung cancer include Mullein, Bugleweed, Gotu Kola, and Bloodroot.

The lungs
Human Respiratory System Illustration

Herbal Formulas for Lung Cancer

These are some herbal combinations that have been recommended for lung cancer:

Tea: Equal parts Red Clover, Gota Kola, Mullein. 2 teaspoons to each cup of boiling water; infuse for 5-15 minutes. Dose: 1 cup three or more times daily.

Formula No 1: Equal parts Elecampane, Violet, Red Clover. Dose: Powders: 750mg (three 00 capsules or half a teaspoon). Liquid extracts: 1-2 teaspoons. Tinctures: 1-3 teaspoons. Three times daily and, if necessary, at bedtime for relief.

Formula No 2: Tincture Bloodroot 10 drops; Liquid extract Dogwood 20 drops; Liquid extract Elecampane 200 drops (14ml); Liquid extract Bugleweed 30 drops. Flavour with Liquorice if necessary. Dose: 1-2 teaspoons in water 3 or more times daily. (W. Burns-Lingard MNIMH)

Where accompanied by active inflammation, anti-inflammatories are indicated such as, Mistletoe, Wild Yam, etc.

Natural Vitamins Work BUT Synthetic Vitamins DO NOT Work

Research indicates that there is an association between a low intake of Vitamin A and lung cancer. The studies carried out show that a high Vitamin A/carotene intake is protective against the disease in men. Among women, evidence of a similar protective effect has not been found. Natural vitamin C also reduces cancer risk.

The increased prevalence of smoking among women results in more female lung cancer.

Natural Forms of Vitamin E as Effective Agents for Cancer Prevention and Therapy
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The results of several large double-blind trials have found that not only does supplementation of synthetic vitamin E and synthetic beta-carotene fails to prevent heart disease and lung cancer in male smokers, but also that beta-carotene may even promote lung cancer.

Herb Study

Natural and Herbal Remedies for Cancer Treatment
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Fucoidan from Fucus evanescens, native to the Sea of Okhotsk, has been shown to moderately inhibit metastasis of lung cancer cells in mice.


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