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How To Make Castor Oil Pack – Arthritis, Cysts, Fibroid and other Tumours

Castor oil

Used for healing internal organs, arthritis and shrinking cysts and fibroid tumours

Castor oil packs are used as healing aids for a number of issues including problems with the internal organs such kidneys and liver, as well as for cysts and solid tumours such as fibroids. It can also be used to relieve constipation. The first time I decided to try castor oil pack was during a fast to shrink fibroid tumours. I remember reading that women use it as a way of helping to shrink fibroid tumours and I had also read about its many other benefits.

I was at the point where my fast was going well – for me this really was when the intense hunger subsided – the problem was that I was constipated. Not only did the castor oil pack help with the constipation, I could literally feel its effect on the tumour. I don’t know if everyone will have a similar experience, but based on my personal experience I do recommend you at least giving it a try.

Uses of Castor Oil Pack

The uses of castor oil pack in alternative medicine are hardly ever mentioned without reference to psychic healer Edgar Cayce. Cayce used castor oil packs mainly over parts of the abdominal area, to heal conditions of the internal organs.

What you need to do a Castor oil pack

Castor oil
Castor oil

Castor oil:
Any organic castor oil will work, although I recommend that you avoid using the clear processed castor oil.

Flannel cloth:
Originally wool was used and some people considered it the better fabric, however, cotton and other ‘natural’ fibres can be used.

Heating device:
Heating pad or hot water bottle can be used.

A small saucepan for heating the castor oil

Plastic wrap and/or garbage bag or any large enough piece of plastic that could wrap around the area.

How to apply the castor oil pack

There are generally two methods, one involves heating the oil and the other involves no heat. Applying without heating is more convenient, however the heated version seem to work better.

Method 1: Heating

  1. Warm the castor oil in a saucepan or pour castor oil in a glass container and place it in a pan with hot water to warm it.
  2. Put the cotton flannel in the container with the oil and soak it; you want the flannel to soak up the oil.
  3. You want it wet; not necessarily dripping. If it is dripping too much just lightly squeeze out the excess; if there isn’t enough oil, then add more.
  4. Place the flannel over the entire torso for addressing internal organs. You can also apply to specific areas such as the abdomen in case of fibroid tumours.
  5. Hold the flannel onto the body and use plastic wrap to hold it in place and also to hold the moisture. Alternatively you could just use a garbage bag, another cotton flannel or towel – the only problem is that the latter two may soak up the oil, so the plastic is more efficient in this respect.
  6. Place a towel or blanket on top and place the hot water bottle or heating pad atop towel or blanket. It is preferable to do this part while in a reclining position.
  7. Relax. Let it stay on for at least 30 minutes.

Method 2: No heating

  • Soak flannel in castor oil.
  • Proceed as above.
  • If you do it this way, ensure you have a thick towel or material to wrap around it for generating some heat.

How often should you use it

Use 4 consecutive days, then rest for 2 or 3 days and then repeat this way for 4 repetitions (16 treatments); that’s approximately 1 month. Take a rest from it for a week or 2 then repeat by going 4 consecutive days and resting for 2 or 3 days.

It is important to observe these recommendations to allow the body to heal itself.

How to get castor oil off the skin

To get castor oil off the skin use baking soda and warm water.

How to clean the flannel

You can air out the flannel when you think necessary. Also you can boil the flannel to clean it. Never put it in a washing machine or dryer.

Things to note

  • Wear something old, or if possible, do not wear anything at all as the oil will likely stain your clothes.
  • You will be in a reclining position, maybe a sofa, couch, long chair, bed or even the floor. You may want to protect your sheet or cushion by placing a large garbage bag or two at the spot where you will be reclining, in case the oil seeps on to the fabric.
  • Have a book to read, journal to write in or do something that will enhance the feeling of relaxation.
  • You can reuse the oil flannel so don’t throw it away. Place in a disposable bag or a container and place in the refrigerator. There are various suggestions as to number of uses. If it begin to smell rancid then clean by boiling in hot water.
  • Use only natural fibres.
  • There are actually ready to use castor oil packs available online, in case you want to buy.

Other uses of castor oil

Castor oil is also traditionally used for a number of issues including the below:

  • menstrual pain
  • improving fertility
  • hair growth
  • detoxification
  • improving circulation
  • boost immune system
  • inducing labour
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