Herbal Formula: Strong Decoction of Mullein (Tuberculosis)

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Strong Decoction of Mullein

mullein botanical drawing

Mullein botanical drawing © Richard Whelan

4 ounces Mullein leaves and flowers, equal parts (cut)
3 pints distilled water

Boil slowly for 15 minutes. Strain, press and reduce to 1 pint. Add 4 ounces glycerine, cool, bottle and keep in a cool place.

Adult: One tablespoonful 3 or 4 times a day. Children: one teaspoonful. Add 4 ounces of honey for children.

Dr. Edward Shooks noted that: This decoction is 4 times the strength of the infusion, and is much more astringent and anodyne.

It is a remedy for, calming and quieting to the nerves and soothing the inflamed tissues.
Tuberculosis has been cured in its earlier stages by this one remedy alone. In all stages, however, it will give prompt relief and promote rest and sleep. Its narcotic principle is not well known, but it is well known that it is not poisonous.

It is claimed to have overcome extreme cases of diarrhea and dysentery, but its greatest virtue is manifest in the treatment of tuberculosis and other pulmonary complaints.


Advanced course in Herbology by Dr. Edward Shook

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