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Herbal Formula: Electric Nerve Stimulant & Vitaliser

Sea moss

Electric Nerve Stimulant & Vitaliser

1 ounce Chondrus crispus (whole)
1 ounce Bayberry bark (Myrica cerifera) (cut)
4 ounces Prickly Ash bark (Xanthoxylum fraxineum) (cut)

1. Put all ingredients into 2 quarts of distilled water. Stir well, then let stand for 2 hours with occasional stirring.
2. Boil for 30 minutes and strain while still hot.
3. To the strained liquid add 1 pint of black molasses and 1 pint glycerine. Boil slowly for 5 minutes, with constant stirring. Cool and bottle.

Dose: One wineglassful 3 or 4 times a day, between meals. Children, less according to age.

Purpose:Dr. Shooks noted: “This is a powerful vitalizer of the nervous system; particularly a stimulant and sialagogue to the nerves controlling speech, salivation, and deglutition. Also stimulant, digestive, hepatic and peristaltic. Excellent for partially paralyzed nerves of the mucus membrane. Has proved successful in chronic indigestion, lethargy, and atrophy of the stomach and digestive system in general. Exceedingly good for poor circulation, cold hands, and feet, spasmodic affections, epilepsy, Saint Vitus dance, ague, etc.

NOTE: On account of its energetic stimulant properties, prickly ash bark produces, when swallowed, a sense of heat in the stomach, with a more or less general excitement, and tendency to perspiration. It is a prompt remedy for nervous headache and toothache.


Advanced Treatise on Herbology by Edward Shooks

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