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Dr Sebi’s Herpes Cure

the herpes virus - herpes simplex 1 and 2

People often want to know what Dr Sebi said about curing Herpes, what is his approach to herpes, and which Dr Sebi products one should use to cure herpes.

Dr Sebi spoke widely of his views on diseases and what he thought was necessary to reverse any disease. He took a therapeutic and cellular approach with respect to healing – and herpes was no exception. In several lectures and interviews, Dr Sebi spoke of curing herpes, and one of his more famous patient mentioned in this respect was Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez (former member of TLC).

Dr Sebi’s herpes cure

How could Dr Sebi have cured herpes? Simply, by detoxifying and nourishing the body. Below are the steps based on Dr Sebi’s approach to healing.

1. Stop putting acid foods in the body, in fact, stop eating.
2. Cleansing the body of toxins and acids (which also increases oxygen to cells), using alkaline herbs AND
3. Feeding the body nutrients to repair, rebuild and strengthen at a cellular level.

Detoxification is at the heart of ridding the body of the herpes virus – there is no other way that will bring the necessary results.

Dr. Sebi’s products for herpes

For herpes, one could start with the small cleansing package. This consists of the Viento, Bio-Ferro and Chelation 2. You may choose to make your own as long as you can get good quality herbs:

Chelation 2: This is a chelator – it removes toxins, mucus, acids and cleanses the bowel.
Viento: This is to cleanse, energise, revitalise and proliferate cells. It addresses the central nervous system, lymphatic system, kidneys and respiratory system.
Bio Ferro and Iron Plus: Feeds the body with iron, nourishes and purifies the blood.

Curing herpes the Dr. Sebi way on a budget

So you’re on a budget and want to rid the body of herpes, what do you do?

1. Fasting and herbs

You may choose to do a fast, during this time taking herbs to detoxify the body and also to increase your iron intake. Dr Sebi stated on numerous occasions the importance of iron in healing.

During this period one would consume herbs, water and green juices.

2. An alkaline diet and herbs

An alkaline diet is necessary for the process of healing herpes. Dr Sebi has stressed the importance of this and how crucial it is to avoid, as he puts it, ‘blood and starch’, meaning animal flesh – including meats of all kind, fish and starchy foods. However, when it comes to healing herpes – it is necessary to go beyond this, as even some of the items on Dr Sebi’s food list or nutritional guide should be avoided. Why? Simply because some foods are more healing than others. Dr Sebi noted that his list consists of foods that are considered ‘least detrimental’; however, you want a diet that is as alkaline and as cleansing as possible. This is why fasting was considered such an important factor in healing to Dr Sebi – it allowed the body a break from the consumption of acid and mucus-forming foods; cleansing can begin and the level of oxygen to the cells can increase.

Consume alkaline herbs during this time not only to help with cleansing, but to nourish and replenish the body, and strengthen the immune system.

What really should you do?

1. Avoid cooked foods.
2. Remove from the diet all acid-forming foods.
3. Do a period of fasting, taking only the herbs and water (if this is difficult for you add green juices).
4. Immediately after a period of fast consume only fruits and vegetables from the nutritional guide – this of course also include fresh green juices. Primarily green juices from your leafy green vegetables. The less solid the diet during cleansing and detoxification the faster and usually more effective the healing experience.
5. When you have rid the body of herpes, resume eating only foods from the nutritional guide.

How long does it take to cure herpes?

Dr Sebi when asked this – responded quite appropriately, that it depends – on the level of toxicity of the body, weight, fluid and the state of health. Everyone one is at a different level of health and so the level of health varies, so will the period of healing vary among individuals.

How committed are you?

You can detox herpes from the body but your result will depend on your level of commitment to the process. Herpes isn’t the easiest virus to get rid of because it takes up residence in the spinal cord of our central nervous system and sometimes lying dormant there for a long time. Your body literally has to ‘wake it up’ and escort it out. The body must become inhospitable to the herpes virus. An alkaline body is indeed necessary – that’s the Dr Sebi way – making the body alkaline by cleansing and feeding the body with alkaline herbs and an alkaline diet, but preferably fasting to become herpes free.

Food on Dr Sebi’s nutritional guide best to eat: fruits, vegetables – citruses, watermelon, mangoes, berries, leafy greens etc.
Food on Dr Sebi’s nutritional guide to avoid while healing from herpes: Grains, nuts, and seeds.

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