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Where to buy herbs

Herbs - medicinal and culinary

Below is a list of places online that herbs can be sourced from. At the moment this is just part of the information as I will continue to add to the list – both online and local stores / herbs farms where you can access herbs.

If you know of great places on or offline where herbs (especially medicinal) can be sourced then let me know.

Herbs of Mexico herbs, leaves, barkUSA BASED

You will be able to obtain a wide variety of herbs through Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Most sellers also use them in addition to having their own online store so they can access a wide market.
When buying look at the seller’s ratings and customers’ feedback.
Just Ingredients Ground herbs, botanical herbs UK BASED
Seasoned Pioneers Ground herbs UK BASED
Herb Affair Herbs, spices USA BASED
Starwest Botanicals Organic, Whole, Cut, CS, Dried, Blended, Wholesale, Bulk USA BASED
Mountain Rose Herbs Bulk herbs, spices, products USA BASED
Frontier Herbs Herbs, spices, teas USA BASED
Living Earth Herbs Organic Bulk Herbs, Teas, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Salves, Tinctures and More USA BASED
San Francisco Herbs Co. Herbs, spices, teas USA BASED
Western Botanicals Bulk herbs, essential oils, capsules, extracts USA BASED
Growers Exchange Medicinal herb plants USA BASED
Real Foods Herbs(limited), essential oils, many other products of interest UK BASED
Monterey Bay Spice Company Herbs, spices, teas, oils USA BASED
Oregon’s Wild Harvest Bulk herbs, teas, spices USA BASED
The Herb Patch Herb plants UK BASED
Norfolk Herbs Herb plants UK BASED
Richters Plants, dried herbs, seeds, CANADA BASED
Strictly Medicinal Seeds Seeds, dried herbs USA BASED
Mountain Valley Growers Organic herbs, vegetables and perennials USA BASED
Companion Plants Live plants and seeds USA BASED
Burpee Herb seeds, plants USA BASED
Bulk Herb Store
Azure Herbs, oils etc USA BASED
Woodland Herbs Herbs, teas, tinctures UK BASED
Star Child Herbs, oils etc UK BASED
Herbie’s Herb Bulk herbs CANADA BASED
BDS Natural Products Herbs. Spices USA BASED
Sun Organic Farm very little herbs but a reasonable range of organic foods USA BASED
Pacific Botanicals Herbs, spices USA BASED
Herbalcom Bulk herbs USA BASED
Organic Herb Trading UK BASED
Organic Matters Herbs, teas, oils and more CANADA BASED
Healthy Supplies Herbs, spices and more UK BASED
Evergreen Herbs Bulk herbs, spices, teas and blends US BASED
Nuts Not a large number of medicinal herbs but they have other foods of interest UK BASED
Herbal Haven Dried herbs
Pestle Herbs UK BASED
Kalyx Herbs USA BASED
Tropilab Seeds, some herbs & spices


YELLOWDOCK (see below links)

ORTIGA (NETTLE / STINGING NETTLE) (the below and other shops)



(list of their herbs link



Contribo is of the Aristolochia family. It is also known as birthwort, dutchman, dutchman’s pipe, duck flower. It is more readily found as full plant or seed. I have only been able to these two links.

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19 thoughts on “Where to buy herbs”

  1. You are a saviour Julie.
    My name is Shaun and I am from London (UK).
    I would like to talk to you in person, as I need advise regarding my health.
    can you email me to arrange this.
    I am more than happy to cover the cost of any inconvenience that you may incur in taking the time to help me.
    Kind regards shaun

  2. Hello, thank you for all your collected information. I’ve watched several of your YOUTUBE videos, but you never give the dosage? How many capsules to take. It’s my understanding that Dr. Sebi says 4 capsules per day, if you aren’t sick. I’m not sick just overweight (40lbs) and I would like to cleanse my body first, then start his nutritional guide. However, I have sugar cravings that make it impossible for me to maintain a food plan. I continually sabotage myself. It’s amazing–I cannot stop eating sugar or flour/sugary carbohydrates–that’s why I want to cleanse to break free of the cravings. However, I’d like to adopt the nutritional guidelines as a way of life–not a diet. What would you suggest: start with cleansing first, or start one month on the nutritional food plan then cleanse? Thanks again, Maxine

  3. Hello Ms. Ital,

    I’m starting to have allot of issues with my ovaries, chichis also causing hormonal acne on my face, weight gain and over all aches and pain. how would i use the detox to cleanse and reset my body? I’m use to eating clean healthy food back in Jamaica, but living in the states is providing to be more of an health hazard for me.

    1. Hi Ms Jones,
      I know good foods are not always easy to get when you’re in the colder countries – do the best you can. There are a number of approaches you could take. If you can, start with Dr Sebi’s small cleansing package, that would be good. If money is an issue, make your own – get the herbs especially in chelation 2 or at lest start with dandelion, stinging nettle and plantain leaf herbs. If you could do mostly juices or smoothies in addition to the herbs then do that. A high raw food diet will help you to heal faster. If you have problem digesting the fruits – just blend into smoothies or make juices. Green juices are OK. Another option is to incorporate some level of intermittent fasting along with your herbs and high raw diet. If you buy Dr Sebi’s formula go with the instructed dosage, if you make your own start with 2 capsules per day, for the first couple of days and then up the dosage to 3 per day and then 4, if necessary (especially if your kidneys aren’t filtering). It is extremely important that your kidneys start filtering. You can check by peeing in a jar and let it stand for 24 hours and see if you see any sediments in the jar. If sediment is present then your kidneys is filtering. I am not sure of what your diet is at the moment or what you have available to you in herbs of foods or herb but I hope this helps. If you need additional help email me at
      Love and blessings 🙂

    2. Hi Mrs Jones,
      It seems your body is becoming quite toxic. The first thing you will find useful is a 100% ‘whole food’ plant-based diet. Stay away from processed foods, even plant-based ones. Do plant-based eating for about 2 weeks before you start herbal cleansing. If you can afford Dr Sebi’s small cleansing package, then get that or try to make your own. Start at least with Chelation 2 herbs. This will start to cleanse the body. Incorporate more raw foods in the diet and if possible begin to practice intermittent fasting. I hope this helps.
      Love and blessings 🙂

    1. Hi Carlos,
      I understand your concern – I will have the product information up on this blog along with any dosage information I have by this weekend.
      Love and blessings 🙂

  4. Hi Mrs.Jones I have a friend struggling with dementia what herbs should I suggest along with the Dr. Sebi diet plan? Also my Bishop has kidney stones what herb should I recommend to him?

  5. Hello and thank you for caring…my 16 year old son is autistic and experiences rage . Currently on rispardol. We recently introduced blackseed oil which has calmed him down tremendously however we are also seeing body jacks and lack of energy. When we stop the blackseed oil, rage ocd and anxiety come back….any suggestions. Seriously considering Dr Sebis Banju at this point but would like to hear from you first.Due to cost we would prefer to put together our own. Look forward to your response.

  6. Hi Ms Jones
    Which herbs would you use for bone spur/ calcium deposits and knee effesion /sprung knee and maybe arthrist in low back? Last i would have to make my own because the cost of dr sebie. Finally if i buy the herbs in root form how would i boil them and distribute evenly?

  7. Hi sister Julie, greetings to you I live in the northern region of England I’m interested in knowing many of the herbs that you talk about on your show. I know a few but I would like to know them all I have some books but some of the pictures are in black & white. I’m wondering if you do any classes or workshops or herbal walks or if you know of any org/groups that do this kind of event please let me know ?

    1. Hi Delroy,
      Unfortunately, I don’t have anything in place in term of learning about the herbs. I am glad you’ve asked though, as this is something I have been meaning to explore. I will get back to you on this soon.
      Love and blessings 🙂

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