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Medicinal Plants Used in the Treatment of Mental and Neurological Disorders in Ghana

Medicinal Plants Used in the Treatment of Mental and Neurological Disorders in Ghana

Mental health conditions and neurological disorders are conditions that affect thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and relationships. These include disorders that cause a high burden of dis-ease such as depression, bipolar affective disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, dementia, substance use disorders, and a number of other dis-eases. These conditions can be experienced in isolation; however, they often occur alongside other noncommunicable dis-eases such as cardiovascular dis-ease, diabetes, respiratory dis-eases and cancers.

Things such as tobacco use, alcohol use, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity can contribute to mental and neurological health issues.

Many people don’t realise the importance of herbs in curing mental and neurological disorders; the below table shows a list of herbs that are used in Ghana for addressing these disorders.

SpeciesFamilyGrowth formsLocal names in different languagesVoucher specimenFrequency of mentionPlant part usedMethod of preparation
Ageratum conyzoidesAsteraceaeHerbEwe: mima, Nyigbe; Fante: Ahaban Kankan, Efumomoe; Twi: Gu-ekuro, Adwoa-kura, Guakuo, Gu-ekura; Nzema: Ebuakulo; Ga-Dangme: NtumumuPA01/UGSOP/GH173LeavesThe fresh leaves are macerated and the liquid obtained is instilled into the nostrils; the fresh leaves can also be boiled, sieved and drank as required.
Allium sativumLiliaceaeHerbTwi: Gyene Kankan; Ga Adangme: Aya; Hausa: TafarmuwaPA02/UGSOP/GH172Whole plant-
Alstonia booneiApocynaceaeTreeTwi: Nyame-dua, Nyamedua, Onyamedua, Osen Nuru; Ewe: Siaketreke Fante: Nyena,Sinuro,Nyamedua; Nzema: BakuninPA03/UGSOP/GH172BarkThe leaves are boiled and drank as required
Azadiratcha indicaMeliaceaeTreeFante: Nim, Aboode,Abodua; Ewe: Liliti; Ga-Dangme: Kintso, Asante: Gyedua; Twi: Nimsi, Dua gyanePA04/UGSOP/GH171Leaves; RootsThe boiled leaves/roots are drank as required
Bertholletia excelsLecythidaceaeBrazil nutPA05/UGSOP/GH171Nut; LeavesThe leaves/nuts are boiled and sieved extract is drank as required
Bidens pilosa.AsteraceaeHerbTwi: Dwirentwi,Gyinantwi; Ewe: Dzanikpikpi;PA06/UGSOP/GH171LeavesThe fresh leaves are macerated and the liquid obtained is instilled into the nose
Blighia unijucataSapindaceaeTreeAsante: Akye, Akan, Akyibiri, Twi: Akyebiri, Fante: EteduaPA07/UGSOP/GH173Bark; RootsThe dried barks/roots are boiled and drank as required, the extract can also be smeared on the body
Cassia occidentalis.CaesalpiniaceaeNkwadowa bɔdeɛPA08/UGSOP/GH173LeavesThe leaves are boiled and drank as required
Cinchona pubescensRubiaceaeShrubPA09/UGSOP/GH171
Citrus aurantifoliaRutaceaeTwi: Ankaadwea, Akenkaa Ankaatwaree; Fante: Ankama, Ewe: Mumoe; Asante: Ankaatwaree; Dagbani: Nyamsa, Lim buri; Ga-Adangme: Abonua; Hausa: Olomankilisi; Nzema: Domunli; Mole: Leemu; Ga: KpetePA10/UGSOP/GH171Peel; JuiceThe peels are squeezed directly on the forehead and into the nose
Cocos nuciferaPalmaeTreeTwi: kube; Ewe: AgonePA11/UGSOP/GH171JuiceDrinking the fresh coconut juice at will
Corchorus olitoriusTiliaceaeHerbaceousEwe: Ademe,Singui; Fante: Oturo; Twi: OtoroPA12/UGSOP/GH171Jute mallow, LeavesHot infusion is made from the leaves and drank as required
Cymbopogon citratusGraminaeHerbEwe: Tigbe; Fante: Ti ahaban, Ga-Dangme:Ti-baPA13/UGSOP/GH171Leaves; OilA decoction is made from the either the fresh/dried leaves and the oily content applied as a massage
Eucalyptus globulusMyrtaceaeEucalyptusPA14/UGSOP/GH171OilCold infusion is made and the oily content obtained is rubbed on the body
Khaya senegalensisMeliaceaeTreeHausa: Madwachi, Madachi; Ewe: Logo; Fante: Okum; GaAdangme: Kuga; Twi: Kuntunkuri; Mole: Kuka; Brong: Korobaa; Nzema: AnanePA15/UGSOP/GH174BarkThe leaves are boiled and drank as required
Lantana camaraVerbenaceaeShrubAkan,Ananse dokonoPA16/UGSOP/GH173Leaves; StemThe leaves/stem are boiled and the liquid obtained, drank as required
Mangifera indicaAnacardiaceaeTreeEwe/Asante/Twi/ Fante Mango, Amango,Ga: MangoPA17/UGSOP/GH171BarkA decoction is made from the dried bark and drank as required
Momordica charantiaCucurbitaceaeHerbaceousTwi: Nyannya, Nyina, Nyinya; Ewe: Kakle; Dangme: Nyanyla, Nyanyra; Ga: Nyanyra; Nzema: NyanyaPA18/UGSOP/GH171
Musa paradisiacaMusaceaeHerbaceousTwi: Brode; Nzema: Banna Ga: AmadaaPA19/UGSOP/GH171LeavesThe leaves are boiled and drank as required
Nephrolepis cordifoliaNephrolepidaceaeTwi: MmɛnPA20/UGSOP/GH171LeavesThe leaves are macerated and the liquid instilled nasally or inhaled. The leaves can be boiled and the extracted liquid used as a bathing liquid.
Occimum gratissimumLamiaceaeShrubEwe: Babusui, Dzeveti; Ga: Sulu; Twi: Onunum, Nunum; Asante: Nunum; Ga-Dangme: Sulu; Hausa: Dardoyatagidi; Nzema: Amaloko; Wassa: Aprim; Fante: OnunumPA21/UGSOP/GH173LeavesThe leaves are boiled and drank as required
Passiflora edulisPassifloraceaePassion fruit treePA22/UGSOP/GH172Leaves; Flowers; Fruit; LeavesBoiling; grinding
Persea americanaLauraceaeTreeDangme: Paya; Twi: Pee; Akan: Paya, Pae;PA23/UGSOP/GH171Fresh and dried leavesA decoction is made from the either the fresh/dried leaves and drank as required
Fante: Pae;
Phyllantus nuririEuphobiaceaeHerbaceousTwi: Awommaguwakyi; Ewe: Lane; Krobo: Ofobiokpai, Ofobi; Ga: Omatsoatsi;PA24/UGSOP/GH171
Rauwolfia vomitoria.ApocynaceaeShrubTwi: Kakapenpen; Ewe: Dodemakpowoe; Fante: Kakapenpen; Ga-Dangme: Apototso; Hausa: Wada, Nzema: Bakapembene; Wassa: AneenePA25/UGSOP/GH177RootsThe roots are boiled and the extract obtained are instilled into the nose
Rubus fruticosusRosaceaeBramblePA26/UGSOP/GH171Berries, leaves and flowersBlend dry leaves and mix with honey
Scoparia dulcisScrophulariaceaePA27/UGSOP/GH171--
Sida acutaMalvaceaeBranchletsEwe: Afideme; Ga: Shwoboto; Twi: ObraneatutoPA28/UGSOP/GH171LeavesThe leaves are boiled and drank as required
Tapinanthus globiferrusLoranthaceaeParasitic TreeTwi: nkranpan Mole: WelebePA29/UGSOP/GH172Leaves; stemThe leaves/stem are boiled and the liquid obtained, drank as required
Terminalia catapaCombretaceaeabrɔfo nkateɛPA30/UGSOP/GH171Yellowed leavesThe leaves are boiled and the liquid drank as required
Tetrapleura tetrapteraFabaceaeTreeTwi: Prɛkesɛ, Zate: Zamturi; Anyi: Aprekese, Kyeke, Fante: Esem, Ewe: PrekesePA31/UGSOP/GH171SeedThe seeds are ground and the liquid extract drank as required
Vernonia amygdalinaAsteraceaeShrubGa:Tatso, Akpa, Dagbani: Biebingira, Ewe: Gbo, Gboti, Asante: Mbonasere, Mponasere; Nzema: Ayeanwole, Ga-Dangme: TatshoPA32/UGSOP/GH171LeavesA decoction is made from the either the fresh/dried leaves and drank as required

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