Uses of Burdock Root, Leaves & Seeds

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Burdock is a plant traditionally known for its many uses. In this article, we include some information on some of its recorded uses.

General compounds and effects of burdock reported in the literature

ClassificationCompoundMolecular FormulaParts of the plantEffectReference
LignansArctigeninC12H24O7Leaves, fruits, seeds, rootsSuppressor of heat shock;
Anti-influenza virus
(Ishihara et al., 2006)
(Awale et al., 2006)
(Gao et al., 2002)
LignansArctiinC27H34O11Leaves, fruits, rootsAnti-tumor-promoting activity;
chemopreventive activity;
antiproliferative activity against
B cell hybridoma cell, MH60
(Takasaki et al., 2000)
(Hirose et al., 2000)
(Matsumoto et al., 2006)
LignansTrachelogeninC21H24O7FruitsCa2+ antagonist activity ;

Anti-HIV properties
(Ichikawa et al., 1986)

(Xia et al., 2001)
LignansLappaol FC40H42O12Fruits, seedsInhibiting NO production(Park et al., 2007)
LignansDiarctigeninC42H46O12Fruits, roots, seedsInhibiting NO production;(Park et al., 2007)
TerpenoidsBeta-eudesmolC15H26OFruitsAntibacterial, .antiangiogenic(Yayli et al., 2005
(Tsuneki et al., 2005))
PolyphenolsCaffeic acidC9H8O4Stems, leaves, the skin of rootsAntioxidative;

free radical scavenging activity
(Pari and Prasath, 2008)

(Bhat et al., 2007)
PolyphenolsChlorogenic acidC16H18O9Leaves; the skin of rootsNeuroprotective ;

Antioxidative ;

anti-anaphylaxis and Anti-HIV ;
(Li et al., 2008)

(Bouayed et al., 2007)

(Chen et al., 2004)

Immuno-modulator; haluronidase inhibition
(Miyamoto et al., 1993)

(Bralley et al., 2008)
FructoseInulin(C6H10O5)nRootsPrebiotic effectiveness ;


(Li et al., 2008)

(Rault-Nania et al., 2008)

(Silver and Krantz Jr, 193)
SterolsSitosterol-beta-D-glucopyranosideC35H60O6Rootsmammalian DNA polymerase

λ; anti-diabetes and obesity
(Mizushina et al., 2006)

(Silver and Krantz Jr, 1931)
Popular uses
  • It has a direct influence on the blood, and as such conditions affecting the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Its influence upon the mucous membranes of the stomach encourages normal glandular secretion and promotes digestion.
  • It influences the mucous membranes of the air passages when irritated from any blood disorder, alleviating irritable coughs.
  • It cures psoriasis and chronic cutaneous eruptions.
  • It has a marked influence upon chronic glandular enlargements and is beneficial in syphilitic, scrofulous and gouty conditions.
  • It relieves irritation of the urinary tract, promoting a free flow of the urine.

Assessment Report on Arctium lappa (Burdock)

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