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Laxatives Herbs

Cascara sagrada

Laxatives: Medicines producing gentle action of the bowels. Laxatives are used for non-persistent constipation. Sometimes it is given with a carminative to prevent griping.

Cascara sagrada

Cascara sagrada

Herbs for laxatives

Pansy Herb
Cascara Bark
Turtle Bloom Leaves
Balmony Leaves
California Barberry Root
Culvers Root
Dandelion Root
Rhubarb Root
Oregon Grape Root
Virginia Poke Root
Cape Aloe
Sacred Bark
Wahoo Bark
Alder Bark (Europ. Black)
Indian Senna Fruit
Senna Leaves
Blackthorn Flowers
Mandrake Root
May Apple Root
Buckthorn Bark
Mountain Grape
Senna Pods
Hart’s Tongue
Fringe Tree


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