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Herbs for Skin Health and Healing – Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis

Tea Tree

Most of us have been worried about our skin at one time or another. It will please you to know that there are many herbs that can be used internally and externally to address skin conditions and help to improve skin health and tone.

Below is a list of herbs for skin health and healing. Some of these herbs are great for addressing common skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and so much more.


Scientific Name

Part Used for Skin


Aloe Aloe vera leaf, gel Stim. cell repair, Emolliment
Arnica Arnica oil Bruise, Swelling
Black Walnut Juglans nigra inner hull Fungus, Ringworm, Skin Eruptions
Boneset Eupatorium perfoliatum herb Diaphoretic
Burdock Arctium lappa root Chronic Skin Disorder, Acne, Eczema
Cayenne Capsicum annum fruit Diaphoretic
Chickweed Stellaria media herb Itching, Irritations
Flax Linum usitatissimum seed, oil Emollient
Ginger Zingiber officinallis rhizome Diaphoretic
Jewel Weed Impatiens capensis leaf, juice Poison Ivy
Jojoba Olea europa oil (ester) Sunscreen, Emollient
Lavender Lavandula herb, oil Emollient
Marigold Calendula officionale flower Emollient
Marshmallow Althea officinale root Emollient
Mullein Verbascum thapsus leaf Plant irritation
Nettle Urtica dioica leaf Nourishing, Diuretic
Nopal Cactus (Prickley Pear) Opuntia cacti cactus, juice Stimulate cell repair, Emollient
Olive Olea europaea oil Emollient
Plantain Plantago major leaf, juice Itching, Irritation, Wounds
Poke Phytolacca decandra root All skin problems
Slippery Elm Ulmus rubra inner bark Emollient
St. Johnswort Hypericum perforatum flower, oil Emollient, repair
Tea Tree Melaleuca alternifolia oil Fungus, Ringworm, Candida
Yarrow Achillea millefolium flower Diaphoretic
Yerba de Mansa Anemopsis californica root Chapped, Bruised Skin
Yellowdock Rumex crispus root Chronic Skin Disorder, Acne, Eczema


Emollient – Soften/moisten the skin.
Diaphoretic – Increase sweating (thus enabling the release of toxins through the skin).


Herbal Skin Healing Recipes

Dock Combo

1 part Yellowdock Root
1 part Burdock Root

Capsules: Combine powder (ground herb) to make capsules.
Teas/Tonics: Soak overnight in distilled or filtered water. Boil on medium heat for 20 minutes, then low heat for 10 minutes. Let it cool and drink at least 1 cup, three times per day until skin condition clears.

Skin Irritation Recipe

Get a few plantain leaves, bruise and secure over affected area, with cotton flannel or natural fibre. Continue to add plantain leaves and secure until healed.

Herbal Skin Salve Recipe

8 oz herbal infused oil(s) of your choice**
1 oz Carnauba Wax
10-15 drops essential oil of choice (eg. lavender, tea tree etc.)
Glass jars

Warm and melt wax and oil in the sun or over double boiler. Take away from heat and add the essential oil(s). Pour into jars and allow it to cool to room temperature. Use more wax for a firmer salve and less wax for softer salve.

**Infused oil
To make infused oil: Coarsely or finely chop herbs. Place in a sterilised jar. Pour olive oil or another carrier oil of preference to cover the herbs. Place in the warm sun and allow to infuse for 2 to 3 weeks. At the end of the period strain with fine sieve or cheese cloth.

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