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Herbal Formula: For All Atomic or Prolapsed Conditions


Many people suffer from a prolapsed condition and want to find natural ways of handling it.

A prolapsed condition is a bulging or falling out of a body part, such as the rectum or vagina, that commonly occurs because of weakened supportive tissues. A good herbal formula, healthy raw foods and depending on the circumstances combined with fasting one may be able to reverse the condition.

For all atomic or prolapsed conditions

6 ounces Walnut Leaves (cut). (Juglans Nigra)
4 ” Bugleweed Herb ” (Lycopus Virginious)
2 ” Black Cohosh Rt.” (Cimicifuga Racimosa)
4 ” Hawthorn Berries ” (Crategus Oxycantha)
2 ” Lily of the Valley Root (cut) (Convallaria Majalis)
2 ” Irish Moss(whole) (Chondrus Crispus)

1. Heat one gallon of distilled water, and when fairly hot, dissolve in it 1 heaping teaspoonful calcium chloride.
2. Then add all the above Herbs, and boil slowly for 30 minutes.
3. Strain and press.
4. Put strained liquid back into saucepan and slowly reduce to 1 quart.
5. Add 4 pounds of brown sugar/date sugar, bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring until sugar is dissolved.
6. Skim off all froth as formed. Let stand until lukewarm, then add one liquid pint of glycerine.
7. Stir till thoroughly mixed. When cold, bottle and keep in a cool place.

Dose: One or two teaspoonfuls in a little water three or four times a day, between meals.

Dose (for Children): From five to ten years, 10 drops. From ten to fifteen years, 20 to 30 drops. From fifteen to twenty-one years, one teaspoonful. (Not suitable for children under five years of age.)

In extreme cases, three teaspoonfuls or even a tablespoonful may be administered safely, but for all purposes mentioned, one dessert spoonful will be found to be most efficacious.

Treatment with this formula must be continued until the desired effect is brought about. Then, the dose should be gradually diminished until the patient is restored to good health, with no symptoms of the disease remaining.


An Advanced Treatise on Herbs by Dr. Edward Shook

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