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9 Foods That Prevent Healing

meat and pasta

The 9 Foods that prevent healing and is keeping you sick

Seafood - 9 Foods That Prevent Healing

Healing the body is serious business. The sicker one is, or the more debilitating the disease, the longer it may take on an individual level. There are several factors to consider. Some of us are born with genetic weaknesses – I dare say, based on the diet of modern man, most of us are born with such weaknesses. Years of eating a diet that is inconsistent with our biology, being exposed to toxins in our foods, water, the air we breathe and the items we put on our skin, further compound the problem.

The healing process involves hydrating and alkalising the body. The foods listed below hinder this process.

1. Animal flesh

This include the flesh of animals and sea creatures. Animal protein takes longer for the body to break down and is acid forming.

2. Milk

Milk is highly mucus forming. Most of the milk sold on the market is pasteurised, which changes the molecular structure of the milk, making it less nutritionally beneficial. Dairy farmers often pump the animals with growth hormones, antibiotics and other synthetics that often end up in the product.

milk products (dairy) - highly mucus forming

3. Milk Products (Dairy)

Milk products include cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream and milkshakes. These are also highly mucus forming, being a by-product of milk; and create an acidic environment in the body.

eggs - one of the 9 foods preventing your healing

4. Eggs

In addition to the inhumane way in which hens are treated, eggs are rich in animal protein and cholesterol. Animal protein is acid-forming and  the body already produces its own cholesterol.

Whether consumed cooked or raw, eggs have no place in our diet.

sugar bag - 9 Foods That Prevent Healing

5. Sugar

Sugar, especially refined sugar, creates high energy and  is devoid of nutrients. It has been linked to the proliferation of many medical conditions; the worst thing about sugar, however,  is that it is acidic.

6. Cooked foods (Processed)

Cooked or processed foods include bread, pasta, fries, baked potatoes, tofu, chips, burgers, hot dogs and sodas, to name a few. Highly processed and overcooked foods are usually devoid of nutrients and acid forming. Most require more energy to digest and thus create more work for the body.

7. Alcohol

The diet should be devoid of alcohol, especially in the phase of healing. Consumption of alcohol has been linked to serious health concerns. Alcohol can also be hard on the liver which has to metabolise the alcohol. In the liver, alcohol produces a toxic enzyme called acetaldehyde, which is carcinogenic.

8. Coffee

International Wound Journal published a study in July 2014, which indicates that coffee may be bad for wound healing. Coffee may also slow digestion, exhaust the adrenal glands and promote dehydration. In addition, it is also acidic.
9 Foods That Prevent Healing

9. Black tea

Black tea is acidic, a study indicates it has a pH of 4.9. It usually contains caffeine and high oxalates. Black tea may cause oesophageal cancer, insomnia, kidney problems, Alzheimer’s and teeth problems. These reason alone is enough to stop drinking black teas, and even more so when trying to heal the body.


When healing from any illness one has to be prudent in ensuring that the foods consumed do not hinder the healing process. Hydrate! Alkalise! Rest!

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