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Understanding Disease & A Natural Approach To Healing

red blood cells

Health is our natural state of being. Period!

‘Disease’ is an unnatural concept, in fact, what if I told you there was no such thing as ‘diseases’.  OK, don’t run for the hill… and no, I am not going crazy!  Believing in the concept of diseases is believing that something has afflicted us,  that is totally outside our control – and certainly beyond our ability to correct.

The concept of diseases stem from the allopathic thinking that does not see the body as a whole entity…where everything is connected and all our parts, organs and cells are working in synergy to keep us alive and well. Our body needs our help in order to make this happen. The choices we make about what we eat, the environment we live in, the things we put on our skin, all affect our body’s ability to do its job. It is through these means that we provide the body with the ‘electricity‘ it needs to keep up going and I dare say, the toxicity that makes things fall apart.

Probably the most important thing to be aware of is that diseases cannot thrive when the body is predominantly alkaline; however, they will flourish when the body is predominantly in an acid state.

It all starts with our beliefs, about our bodies, about diseases and the role we play in keeping the body healthy.  Examine the following:

  • What do you hold to be true about health?
  • Do you believe health is the natural state of being?
  • Do you believe the body can heal itself?

If your contemplation lead to confusion, uncertainty or the summation that something exists called ‘cancer’ or ‘diabetes’, then you may need to do closer examination.

Change your thinking

If you are suffering from an ailment, firstly recognise that this is not natural state of being. The body’s processes constantly work to keep us in a state of health. Our body is intelligent – you don’t have to worry about maintaining blood pH, breathing or the heart beating…our body does this naturally. There are many processes occurring in the body, every second and we don’t even have to think about it.
organs in the body

At a very basic level, the body is made up of trillions of cells and blood and lymph fluids. In addition, the skin is covered with trillions of bacteria, that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and trillions more live within our bodies. In fact, it is estimated that we have ten times as many bacteria as human cells.

The foods we ingest feed the cells of our bodies and the bacteria or microbes in our gut. We also feed our cells oxygen through the process of breathing. We can go without food for several weeks, we can even go without water for several days, but oxygen is indeed the breath of life, it’s the one thing we simply can’t live without, outside of a few minutes.

You’re probably now wondering, what does this all have to do with diseases and staying healthy. Hold on just a moment, it will all soon become clearer.

The cells consume nutrients and release waste; this waste must be transported out of the body. The waste of lymph and blood filtration is removed from the body via the kidneys by means of urination.

The cells also need oxygen constantly and we take oxygen into body through the breathing process. When we inhale, we take oxygen from that air, this is filtered through ours lungs and transported throughout the body by the red blood cells. These blood cells are the conduit through which we take oxygen to the brain and the entire body. The bi-product of the respiratory process is carbon dioxide, another waste the body must eliminate, through means of exhalation.

In addition, we have good bacteria and bad bacteria in our intestinal tract. Bacteria are a necessary part of our biology, the good bacteria keep us healthy by breaking down digestive waste in the body, neutralising some harmful bi-product of the digestive process, supporting the body’s natural defences, making it harder for the bad bacteria to survive, among other functions. In a state of health, the good bacteria are abundant in relation to the bad bacteria.


What puts us in a state of unhealth?

  • We become unhealthy when we are not able to properly rid the body of waste and nourish or feed our cells.
  • When we unable to eliminate metabolic waste.
  • When we unable to eliminate digestive waste.
  • When we are unable to properly eliminate respiratory waste.

What impacts the ability to eliminate these wastes?

  • When the body is in a state of acidosis; usually as a result of eating too much acid forming foods.
  • When the body has a high level of mucus.
  • When the kidneys are not filtering, therefore, affecting the body’s ability to eliminate  metabolic waste; thereby causing a back up of these wastes.
  • When the body is not receiving enough oxygen, which could be a result of shallow breathing or living in toxic environment.
  • When  there is damage to our organs or tissues as a result of acidity, accident, injuries etc.
  • When we are affected by emotional and physically stress.

What happens when the body doesn’t eliminate waste?

When we are unable to eliminate, this creates a state of unhealth. The body is supposed to naturally be able to rid itself of the waste; it was designed this way.

This is what happens

  • The body becomes too acidic (remember we noted above that the body must be in a state of alkalinity in order to maintain health); the cellular waste is acidic and when it is backed up inside the body, it creates an acid state. Acidity breaks down the cell membrane, which offers protection to cells; when the cell membrane is impacted the body produces more mucus in order to protect the cells. As the body becomes more acidic, more mucus is secreted for protection. It becomes a problem for the body when excess mucus is created as this mucus becomes thick and hardened – it prevents oxygen from adequately getting to the cells.
  • We begin to develop benign and cancerous tumours as the body begins to lock off damaged cells, acids and toxins, in order to prevent them from creating more of a harmful impact. This is what tumours are – they are in fact part of the body’s defence mechanism for containing cells damaged by acids and toxins.
  • We start forgetting things, setting the stage for illnesses such as Alzheimer’s; our organs and tissue become more damaged, as the damage to the cells become greater.
  • Obesity may begin to manifest itself.
  • Acne and other skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and flaking become apparent as the body tries to eliminate waste through the skin.
  • We become insomniacs, unable to sleep; some people haven’t had a proper sleep in many years.
  • Our immune system becomes weakened and it is no longer able to protect us.

Fresh vegetables

Can we get our health back?

Yes! We most certainly can move from a state of unhealth to a state of health – remember, our body is intelligent; it is always trying to bring us to, and keep us in a state of health, but we often get the in way – sometimes knowingly and I believe for the many of us… unknowingly. Some of us are born with genetic weaknesses, such as asthma, vision problems and various mutations; even these can be rid of or significantly improved when we take the right approach to healing.

We place our health and the health of our loved ones into the hands of someone else… the doctor, he is suppose to make us healthy. Many doctors are sicker than most of us – you know why? Because they don’t have the answers. How can the doctor cure your diabetes, heart failure and high blood pressure when he can’t cure himself of these things?
When we go to the doctor and are given a diagnosis, whether it is for cancer, heart disease or sleep disorder, it must be understood that this didn’t just happen overnight or over a few days, or the day before the visit or as some people actually believe, the day of their visit to the doctor. No, these issues would have been developing and building up over time, sometimes many years. You didn’t suddenly have cancer, and you certainly had it the day before the visit, so don’t ever feel the need to be rushed into chemotherapy or whatever ‘urgent’ treatment your doctor think you ‘must’ have immediately!

When given a diagnosis, don’t get scared! Now you know at least that something isn’t right with your body – which chances are you already knew as that was what brought you to the doctor in the first place.

What approach you can take
  • Read up on the specific condition.
  • Research all available options in terms of treatment.
  • Believe that you can become healthy.
  • Have an open mind when you search, examine the testimonies of the many people who have chosen ‘nature’ as their doctor.

How to gain health

Detoxification is the key to cleansing the body, ridding the body of toxins, mucus and acids. In the process, one feed the body electric alkaline foods; and herbs are at the very top, when it comes to cleansing and repairing the body, re-establishing organ functions, repairing cells, regenerating tissue and even regrowing organs in some cases.

We cannot achieve this with chemicals – if it was made in a lab it will not heal you; it may mask your symptoms and make you feel good for a while, but never heal. Why? Because allopathic medicine aims to treat symptoms, why have cancer in ‘remission’ when you can get rid of cancer cells from the body; why manage your disease when health is within your grasp? If only you realised how great it feels to be in a healthy state, you would grasp it with both hands.

  • Begin to adopt more of a plant-based diet that is predominantly made up of whole foods – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.
  • Practice deep breathing to bring more oxygen into the body and release carbon dioxide which is respiratory waste.
  • Hydrate the body by drinking more water; many people go through the day without even drinking a glass of water. Tap water contains fluoride, this is not beneficial to the body and thus should not be drunk.
  • Sleep well at nights. The body completes a number of processes when we are asleep which contribute to good health and the reduction of anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, this involves, walking, jumping and stretching etc.
  • Take a moment of your day to meditate and feel at one with yourself; be grateful for the good things in your life, speak it, and say, thank you to the universe.
  • Learn to forgive people who have hurt you and remove yourself from those that constantly tear you down; sometimes the emotional stressors manifest themselves as illnesses. I am not advocating that you forget someone has hurt you, but rather that you stop carrying around that weight in your life.
  • Laugh more.

What if you are chronically ill?

  • Remove proteins, starches and mucus forming foods from the diet. The more chronic your situation is the closer you should be to a 100% alkaline vegan / plant-based diet…predominantly raw.
  • Periods of long and short fasts are necessary. This include water fasting and intermittent fasting.
  • Periods of juicing, both green and fruit juices, preferably acid and sub-acid fruits, as these are more astringent and cleansing to the body.
  • Mono-fruit diets have also been proven effective in aiding the body to cleanse. Grapes, citruses and melons are great for mono-fast.
  • Provide the body with alkaline nutrition, including an abundance of plant-based iron.



If you have made it this far, I am glad (Yeah!!!). There is so much to delve into; my hope is that I somehow am able to convey the message that:

  • Health is our natural state and the body is always trying to keep us well.
  • We compromise our body by what we feed it, internally and externally.
  • We become ill when the body is compromised.
  • We can reverse this by stop feeding the body the things that lead to a break down.
  • Only nature heals; in the form of fruits, vegetables, herbs and oxygen.
  • Emotional problems can impact us, both mentally and physically; and so we need to address our emotional stressors.

I hope this will plant the seed for you taking your health in your own hand; it is 100% your responsibility.

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