7 Medicinal Plants Used In Belize

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1 Bejuco Verde Agonandra racemosa (DC.)
Sedative, laxative, gastritis, analgesic
2 Calawalla Phlebodium decumanum (Wild.)
J. Smith
Ulcers, pain, gastritis, chronic indigestion, high blood pressure, cancer
3 China Root Smilax lanceolata L. Blood tonic, fatigue, anaemia, acid stomach ache, rheumatism, skin conditions
4 Cocomecca Dioscorea sp. Urinary-tract ailments, bladder infection, stoppage of urine, kidney sluggishness and malfunction, to loosen mucus coughs and colds, febrifuge, blood tonic
5 Contribo Aristolochia trilobata L Flu, colds, constipation, fevers, stomach ache, indigestion, gastritis, parasites
6 Negrito Simarouba glauca DC. Dysentery and diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, skin conditions, stomach and bowel tonic
7 Gumbolimbo Bursera simaruba (L.) Sarg. Antipruritic, stomach cramps, kidney infections, diuretic
Uses listed are based on disease concepts recognised in Belize, primarily Maya origin, that may or may not have equivalent states in Western medicine. For example, kidney sluggishness may not be a condition commonly recognised by Western-trained physicians but is a common complaint among people in this region.

The Belize Ethnobotany Project: safeguarding medicinal plants and traditional knowledge in Belize, 1988, Michael J Balick etal.

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