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Dr Sebi Tooth Powder Ingredients (with more information)

Tooth Powder

Product description: A unique combination of herbs that cleanses the teeth, nourishes the gums and retards bad breath, decay and gum diseases.

Main Ingredients
– Myrrh Powder (Commiphora myrrha)
– Encino (Oak Bark) (Quercus spp.)

How do Myrrh and Encinco help the mouth?

Myrrh gum/resin
Myrrh is stated to possess antimicrobial, astringent, carminative, expectorant, anticatarrhal, antiseptic and vulnerary properties. Traditionally, it has been used for aphthous ulcers, pharyngitis specifically for mouth ulcers and gingivitis. Myrrh is excellent in the sore mouth and extreme ulceration of mercurial ptyalism.

Myrrh gum resin
Myrrh gum resin
It was once popular in the compound tincture of capsicum and myrrh. It is considered an active general stimulant in ulcerative, engorged, flabby and atonic conditions of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. It stimulates the capillary circulation, restores tone and normal secretion and causes the healing of ulcerations. It is useful in sore mouths of all kinds, and especially in syphilitic sore mouth and sore throat. In the spongy gums and aphthous sore mouth of children, if combined with an alterative and tonic astringent it will assist in the cure of the very worst cases without taking the child from the breast.

Oak bark

White Oak Acorn
White Oak with Acorn
Oak contains tannins, is astringent, antiphlogistic, antiviral and anthelmintic. Generally white oak bark is used locally, in decoctions, for the general purpose of an astringent, but it is also a tonic and an antiseptic. It relaxes the mucous membranes and helps with profuse discharges. It is used for early stages of throat troubles, ulcerations of the mouth or throat and prevents suppuration in tonsillitis.

Dr Ellingwood (1919) noted that combined with Yellow Dock, he has used it cure the severest cases of nursing sore mouth he had ever had, after other lauded remedies had signally failed.

Dr Sebi’s tooth powder can be used to brush the teeth, also as gargle and mouth wash.


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