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Herbal Plants: Keep Traditional Medicine Alive

It is important that we not only learn about herbal plants but pass on the knowledge to those around us – including our children, and others we come in contact with. Below is some information that might help you to do that. Herbal Plants Keeping

Mushroom Cucumber Salad

Vegan or Vegetarian

People sometimes ask what’s the difference between vegetarians and vegans – aren’t vegans vegetarians? Yes, technically vegans are vegetarians but there are significant differences that distinguish between both, based on today’s definition. Vegetarians generally don’t consume meats or other flesh foods. They do however consume

What is raw food? Raw food salad

What is Raw Food?

You’ve probably heard of the plant-based raw food lifestyle, which is becoming more popular as more people are willing to try this way of eating for various reasons. The raw food lifestyle involves consuming a diet of mainly uncooked foods or foods heated below 118 degrees

Vaginal Bolus Formula for Uterine Fibroids

V-X is a modified version of a vaginal suppository formula originally developed by Dr. John Christopher. The formula was used to make vaginal suppositories to treat a variety of female complaints, including vaginal infections, vaginitis, and uterine fibroids. The formula is primarily composed of mucilant

How To Make Chickweed Salve / Ointment For Skin Conditions

Chickweed, scientifically known as Stellar maria, is a herb that is traditionally used to combat health conditions including obesity and dietary insufficiencies. It is however more popularly known for its skin healing abilities. Chickweed is administered both internally and externally to address skin conditions. Here

Herbs - how to use herbs

Ways We Use Herbs (Herbal Preparations)

What are herbs? A herb can be described as ‘any plant with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavouring, food, medicine, or perfume.’ This article focuses on the medicinal uses of herbs, looking at some of the ways we can use herbs as a part

Anatomy - Digestive System

Herbal Formula For Colon Cleanse

I have been asked a few times about herbal formula for cleaning the bowels, and gastrointestinal tract in general. Below are a list of formula I have gathered from some of the more effective herbalists of the past and today. The formula are listed as

Nigella sativa (blackseed)

Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) Cures HIV/AIDS

Nigella sativa, more commonly called Black seed, has been used to heal the body of all sorts of maladies for centuries. It is even reportedly mentioned in the Koran. It is said that prophet Mohammad refers to it as ‘the cure for every disease, except

lobelia plant

Herbal Remedy for Swollen Glands and Lymph

This is a herbal remedy for swollen glands and lymph. Mullein & Lobelia 3 Parts Mullein 1 Part Lobelia Used for: mastitis, thyroid malfunction, mumps, swollen palate. Dosage Internal Capsules: Use powdered form of the herbs to make capsules (as per combination noted above). Take

colon - digestive system

Diagrams of the Large Intestine (Colon)

The large intestine (colon) is an important part of our anatomy. It is crucial that we keep the colon healthy. The old adage ‘death begins in the colon’ is not without merit. I have added some images of the colon below, along with a colon

lemons and limes

The Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet)

Don’t get frustrated thinking you need expensive kits or herbal formula in order to begin cleansing and healing the body. Have you heard of the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet)? What is the Master Cleanse? The Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet is a method of detoxification