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UK Doctor Exposes The JAB On BBC

In this video UK doctor, Dr Aseem Malhotra is interviewed by a BBC news reporter about recommendations by NICE to use STATIN drugs to mitigate against cardiovascular diseases. He had a lot to say – that we need more doctors to say – he put an emphasis on lifestyle changes. In the conversation he attributed his father’s death to two dose of vaccine he received. He mentioned that the ambulance took too long to arrive but still it was a damning interview, he even mentioned that there are over 30,000 deaths above average.

I see stories online where so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ are being accused of running with this story; however if people really listened to that interview with an open mind, they would hear clearly what many of us have been trying to say – the vaccines can harm you – even cause you to die!

Now these COVID-19 vaccines are being approved for babies as young as 6 months – do you want these pumped into your child?


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