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How To Make Chickweed Salve / Ointment For Skin Conditions

Chickweed, scientifically known as Stellar maria, is a herb that is traditionally used to combat health conditions including obesity and dietary insufficiencies. It is however more popularly known for its skin healing abilities. Chickweed is administered both internally and externally to address skin conditions. Here we look at the uses of chickweed ointments and how to make them.

Chickweed Ointment (Eczema / Skin Ointment)

Chickweed herb
Carnauba wax


This is traditionally used for eczema and/or other skin infections, sores, burning, itchy skin, itchy genitals, inflamed skin, hemorrhoids, swollen testicles, acne, hives, mouth ulcerations, reaction to or symptoms caused by poison Oak and Poison Ivy or Stinging Nettle.

Apply to affected area 2 to 3 times per day (clean area before applying).

How to Make Your Own Chickweed Salve

2 Handfuls of Fresh Chickweed Herb
1 1/4 cup Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 oz Carnauba Wax
20-40 drops Lavender Essential Oil (optional)

How To Make (Using heated method)

1. Chop chickweed, spread out and allow to wilt for up to 24 hours.
2. Pour olive oil in a glass jar and add chickweed.
Using double boiler: If using double boiler, place the jar with chickweed and olive oil at the top of the double boiler.
Using sauce pan: Pour water in sauce pan and allow it to boil. Once it starts boiling place the jar with olive oil and chickweed in saucepan.
3. Heat for 5 – 7 minutes and let steep for 5 to 7 hours. Heat gain and let steep for another 5 hours. Do this at least 3 times in total.
4. Melt Carnauba wax over low heat. Once melted add the infused chickweed oil.
5. Stir to combine well.
6. Pour into your container (usually tins or glass jar).
7. Let stand and harden.

How To Make (Non-heat Method)

What you will need
Chickweed, olive oil and a sterilised clear jar.

1. Add fresh or wilted herb to the glass jar. Pour oil in the jar and close tightly.
2.  Allow to stand and infuse for at least 3 weeks. During this period, shake gently at least twice per day.
3. At the end of this period start at #4 above.

This salve will last a long time and can be kept on hand to use as needed.

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