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How To Cure Anxiety Using Medicinal Plants (Herbs)


What is anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. In some instances feelings of anxiety may be normal, for example, being nervous for an exam or an important meeting.

Anxiety may be acute or chronic, mild or severe. Pathological anxiety is caused by a mood of fear, the resolution of which is usually psychological or spiritual. Apart from wise counselling, herbs may be used, along with other methods such as yoga, meditation and journalling.

Types of anxiety

Anxiety is classified into types, such as, general anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, performance anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, separation anxiety, social anxiety, specific phobias, state anxiety, and trait anxiety.

Causes of anxiety

The human body attempts to maintain homeostasis. Anything in the environment that disturbs homeostasis is defined as a stressor and may lead to anxiety.
Anxiety may be caused by fatigue, low blood pressure, emotional exhaustion, autonomic imbalance, endocrine disturbance (hyperthyroidism, pre-menstrual tension), stress, conflict, schizophrenia, depression, and grief.

Symptoms of anxiety

The symptoms of anxiety include dry mouth, increased sweating, fainting attacks, palpitation, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, insomnia and agoraphobia. Prolonged consumption of strong tea, coffee and other caffeine drinks leads to a deficiency of ‘Vitamin B1’ which manifests as general anxiety.

Herbs for anxiety

Herbs used for anxiety include Passion Flower, German Chamomile, Lime Blossom, Skullcap, Oats, Cowslip, Damiana, Dogwood, Valerian, Wild Lettuce, Motherwort, Pulsatilla.

Motherwort tea: Combine equal parts: Motherwort (heart), Balm (gentle nerve relaxant), Valerian (psycho-autonomic). 1-2 teaspoons in each cup boiling water; infuse 10-15 minutes; Dose is 1 cup 2-3 times daily.

Powders: Formula – Motherwort 2 parts; Passion Flower 1 part; Valerian half. Dose: 500mg (two 00 capsules or one-third teaspoon) 2-3 times daily.

Tinctures: Combine, Oats 3 parts; Hawthorn 1 part; Valerian 1 part. Dose: 1-2 teaspoons in water or honey three times daily.

Anxiety before menstruation: Evening Primrose Oil capsules. OR: Liquid Extract Pulsatilla BHP (1983) 3-5 drops, three times daily.

Anxiety with obvious heart symptoms: Hawthorn 6 parts; Valerian 1 part; Cactus 1 part; Holly 1 part; Hyssop 1 part. (Dr A. Vogel)

Diet to assist

Foods to avoid:Avoid alcohol, coffee, sugar and refined foods.

Foods to consume: Low fat, high fibre, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables.

Supplements: Herbs rich in Magnesium, Zinc. Alfalfa tea for remineralisation. Seamoss for remineralisation.

Supportives for anxiety

Relaxation technique: yoga, deep breathing, journalling etc.

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Medicinal plants possessing anxiolytic activity
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Herbal Medicine for Depression and Anxiety: A Systematic Review with Assessment of Potential Psycho-Oncologic Relevance


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