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Herbal Medicine in Ghana Part 1

Tetrapleura tetraptera

Research Title: An Exploratory Ethnobotanical Study of the Practice of Herbal Medicine by the Akan Peoples of Ghana

Researchers: Caroline Abel, BSc (Hons), MNIMH, and Kofi Busia, PhD, BSc (Hons) Herb Med, MCMA

This exploratory ethnobotanical study took place in Kumasi, the capital city of the Asante, one of the Akan tribes. Data was collected using the multi-method approach of descriptive review, semi-structured interviews with traditional medical practitioners, and brief scientific review. Traditional Akan medicine is holistic and does not separate the physical world from the supernatural world. It is deeply rooted in traditional religion, with illness seen as a departure from the natural equilibrium. Traditional healers are either spiritually based or non-spiritually based.

Below is an excerpt of the information provided by the research.

Medicinal Plants Indicated by Traditional Medicine Practitioners
NameTwi NamePart UsedPreparationCondition Treated
Tetrapleura tetrapteraPrekeseFruitPower in soupHypertension with diabetes
Alstonia booneiNyameduaBarkDecoctionHypertension with longstanding fever
Stophanthus gratusHeart failure
Anthocleista nobilisBontodeeBarkDecoctionHypertension
Ipomoea batatasAborodwobaaLeavesDecoctionType 2 diabetes
Uapaca guineensisKuntanStemDecoctionHypertension
Tetrapleura tetraptera

Tetrapleura tetraptera fruit


Alternative Medicine Review – Volume 10, Number 2 – 2005

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