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Herbal Formula To Lower Cholesterol

gotu kola

Dr Edward Shook outlined a herbal formula in his Advanced Treatise on Herbology that is regarded as being very effect for high cholesterol and remarkable solvent of cholesterol. ‘In cholesteraemia, where a morbid excess of cholesterol remains in the blood owing to non-excretion, and which is frequently deposited in the brain and other nerve tissues, this remedy will be found very valuable. It not only dissolves the cholesterol but by its diuretic action, tends to carry it out of the system.’

Oleo-Resin of Balm of Gilead

1 ounce Balm of Gilead buds
1 pint Pure Olive Oil

1. Heat the oil to near boiling point.
2. Steep the buds in the hot oil for one hour, keeping the oil hot but not boiling.
3. Strain through a cloth, and when cool, bottle.

One tablespoonful in lime/lemon juice, or with equal parts of honey added and beaten together, taken 3 or 4 times a day between meals.

What else is this remedy good for?

Dry and debilitated intestines, with old standing constipation brought about by long use of drastic purgatives and mineral cathartics. Also for inflammation and ulceration of the stomach, duodenum or intestines, inflammation of the gall bladder with formation of stone. It is a laxative, peristaltic, lubricating, nourishing, diuretic and healing. Also recommended for old people, and those whose mucus membranes have become dry.

Diet is Important

In addition to the herbs dietary changes are essential:

Foods to Avoid: all animal fats and dairy products, bacon, ham, lobster, shell fish, milk, rich sauces, gravies, the use of cream, eggs, offal, ice cream, cheese, cream puffs, fried foods, crab, salami, pork, beef steak, veal, baked custard, mayonnaise made with eggs, milk chocolate, fried fish and chips, alcohol, refined sugars.

Foods to Eat: Leafy greens, vegetables, salads, green juices and fruits.


Intermittent fasting have proven effective in addressing many health concerns including cholesterol.

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