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Severe throbbing pain inside the ear, usually due to pressure from a blocked Eustachian tube or a respiratory infection. The condition may be treated by herbal antibiotics, antihistamines or nasal decongestants. Simple earache may resolve itself without inflammation from the inside and pus formation.

Traditional remedies: into the ear use few drops Onion or Garlic juice, Houseleek, Aloe Vera or Plantain juice; oils of Mullein or Almond. Moistened Chamomile flower sachet; apply to ear to ease the pain.

Feverfew: A traditional way to relieve earache was to hold the ear over hot steaming Feverfew tea.

– A number of strong yawns while pinching the nostrils and blowing the nose vigorously may free obstruction and normalise pressure on both sides of the drum.

– Hot foot baths divert blood from the head and reduce pain.

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