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Can Urine Cure Athlete’s Foot or Nail Fungus?

Some people want to know if there is any truth to the rumour that you can cure athlete’s foot with urine.

There seem to be some truth to this.

This question arise as there are people who say urine might cure athlete’s foot and nail fungus because of the urea that it contains. Urine contains urea, which is used at high concentrations to remove fungus-infected toenails. Some doctors have said that it would have to be a very large amount of urea (more than how much is normally found in urine) for it to be considered useful to treat tinea pedis (athlete’s foot). In reality there are many testimonies of people who have successfully treated nail fungus and athlete’s foot with urine, by urinating on their feet during the shower or collecting their urine and soaking their feet or hands in it.

It is certainly worth a try. If you do try it, do so for at least about 1 or 2 week to give it a chance to work.

I must also mention that you should look at your diet as your diet could be facilitating parasites.


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