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Damiana flower

Traditional Aphrodisiac Plants

Traditional Plants Containing Aphrodisiac Potentials Reference(s) noted 1. Ang HH, Chan KL, Gan EK, Yuen KH. Enhancement of sexual motivation in sexually naive male mice by Eurycoma longifolia. International Journal of Pharmacology 1997; 35:144‐146. 2. Osen RC, Ashton AK. Prosexual drugs: empirical status of the new aphrodisiacs. Archives of Sexual Behavior 1993; 22(6): 521‐543. 3. […]

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Natural Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Nature’s Viagra – 18 Herbs Scientifically Proven as Aphrodisiacs

Poor sexual performance is often caused for concern for many of us – whether the problem lies with us or our partner. Some people turn to Viagra and other pharmaceuticals to help them cope with ‘sexual deficiencies’ of various kinds. However, in nature there are many herbs that some cultures have used successfully to address […]

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