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Herbs for Pain

neem, herbs for pains

Herbs for pains

Below are some herbs that may help to relieve pains in various parts of the body.

Anamu (Gunea Hen Weed) relieve muscular aches and pain
Arnica Soothe muscle aches, joint pains, muscle spasm, arthritis
Boswellia joint, arthritis pain (osteoarthritis)
Butterbur migraine headache
Bladderwrack arthritis and joint pain
Cayenne natural pain reliever
Cardamon muscle and joint pain
Cerasee menstrual pain
Chaga mushroom arthritis pain
Clove antispasmodic, joint pain, toothache, stomach cramps
Devil’s Claw Arthritis, lower back pain
Fennel seed menstrual pain
Feverfew headache, arthritis pains
Ginger arthritis, headache, swellings and general pains
Ginko biloba headache
Holy Basil (Tulsa) joint pains
Jamaican Allspice (Pimento) pain reliever, esp. neuralgic pain
Jamaican Dogwood nerve pain, migraines, and menstrual cramps
Kava Kava neuropathic pain, tension headaches
Neem inflamed joints, swellings and pains
Oregano arthritis, joint pains
Peony abdominal pain
Rue sciatica pain, headache, arthritis
Sage joint pains
Sassafras abdominal pain, arthritis
Thyme anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic
Valerian Root spasms and muscle cramps
White Oak Bark headache
Witch Hazel pain, swelling, inflammation
Wild Lettuce migraine headache and general pain
 Yucca arthritic pain and swelling



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