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Caffeine Poisoning



A Harvard study links coffee consumption with cancer of the pancreas. No association has been found between tea-drinkers and cancer. Some authorities claim coffee is not carcinogenic until roasted.

Effects: While an internal mechanism slows down the body, caffeine in tea, cola and coffee restores alertness. Caffeine acts by blocking the action of the compound, adenosine – one of the building blocks of DNA which promotes cell energy. Caffeine interferes with natural metabolic processes. In the aged, coffee
increases production of uric acid, causing irritation of the kidneys, joint and muscle pains. Caffeinism is responsible for a wide range of disorders. Increases the heart beat, promotes excessive stomach acid and increases flow of urine.

Pregnancy: It may lead to birth defects and should be taken with caution in pregnancy.

Symptoms of caffeine poisoning: Nervous agitation, restlessness, extreme sensitiveness, pain intolerance, and nervous palpitation.

To antidote: Chamomile tea.

Tincture Nux vom BP: 10 drops to 100 ml water. Dose: 1 teaspoon three times daily.

Inhalation: Strong spirits of Camphor.

Diet: Plenty asparagus.

Caffeine-Related Deaths: Manner of Deaths and Categories at Risk

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Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Thomas Bartram

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