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Dr Sebi - The Subject of Healing

Dr Sebi – The Subject of Healing

Dr Sebi talks about the subject of healing. The journey to healing from a new perspective. Dr Sebi points out that healing covers every aspect of man; that their could be no peace unless there is wellness.

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Dr Sebi - Electric Food

Dr Sebi – Electric Food (Interview)

‘Electric Food’ is the only food. This is an interview in which Dr Sebi is asked questions about foods; he is also asked about other topics including melanin. This interview is packed full of information.

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Dr Sebi - Eat To Live

Dr Sebi – Eat To Live

Dr Sebi in ‘Eat to live’. look at the fact that we eat things we shouldn’t because others do, however it’s not consistent with our genetics and as such we get sick and die early.

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Dr Sebi - The Healing Modalities Lecture

Dr Sebi – The Healing Modalities Lecture

Dr Sebi talks about healing, and the many expressions of healing. He explains that this lecture is meant to clear any misunderstanding about healing – we have been disconnected from life and therefore we are not sure what to do. As such, it is difficult for many of us to know the things that would […]

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Dr Sebi - The Healer interview

Dr Sebi – The Healer (Interview)

In this video Dr Sebi is interviewed by host, Karen Jackson. He talks about his position as servant to the people as it pertains to disease and nutrition from a natural perspective. Hear the questions she asked and Dr Sebi’s response by watching this interview, Please share this video link with others.

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Dr Sebi - Carbon Papers 1

Dr Sebi – The Carbon Papers 1

In the Carbon Papers 1, Dr Sebi talks about health and nutrition. This paper is called ‘The Reconnection’, that is, the reconnection to life, going back to source.

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