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Ital is Vital - mixed berries - fruits and detox

Fruits and Detoxification

Detoxification is the process by which we help to rid the body of toxins, acids, and stagnant lymphatic wastes. Blood and Lymph Many people focus on cleansing the blood but forget about the lymphatic system. We nourish and energise the body via the blood. The lymphatic system, however, is the way by which we remove […]

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Atumn foods - fruits and veggies

Seasonal Food Lists – Eat the Season

Eating local, seasonally grown foods can be bring a number of positive changes to our health and lifestyle. See 10 great reasons outlined in video and also view the lists below. Below are lists of fruits and vegetables listed by season. Fruits by Season Spring Summer Autumn Winter Apricots Cherimoya Cherries (Barbados) Honeydew Jackfruit Limes […]

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