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#25 – Long COVID (Just Another Lie)

You have probably been hearing the term ‘long covid’ for sometime now, and undoubtedly, you will hear it more often as the main stream is trying to convince people that health issues many are facing is as a result of the phantom disease they call covid-19. In all this they don’t even mention the fact […]

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#22 Polio Vaccines In Africa

There have been a lot of focus on polio over the years, and just when we thought things have died down, there it goes again. Apparently there is a ‘concern’ about the so-called ‘polio virus’ in Africa and there is this renewed commitment to vaccinating children. This is serious cause for concern. the truth is […]

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#20 Pregnant Women & The Jab (Here We Go Again!!)

I know, I know I have touched on this before! I have to again because it is necessary that pregnant and breast feeding women be reminded not to take the jab – as they are being urged to. Don’t allow yourselves to be lied to anymore. They are lying about it being ‘safe and effective’.

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