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Leucorrhoea is a whitish or yellowish discharge from the vagina due to inflammation of the mucous (mucus) membrane. Infection of the womb is a common cause, either by trichomonas or sexually transmitted disease. Often a symptom of general debility and toxic state.

Herbs Used

Herbs generally used to address leucorrhoea are Aletris, Avens, Bayberry, Beth root, Bistort, Black Catechu, Cranesbill, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Helonias, Life root, Marigold, Mountain Grape, Myrrh, Nasturtium, Yarrow, Oak bark, Periwinkle (greater), White Pond Lily, Wild Indigo, Horsetail, Deadnettle, Ladies Mantle, Raspberry leaves.

Internal use (Tea): Combination in equal parts: Ladies Mantle, Raspberry leaves. 2 teaspoons to each cup boiling water; infuse for 15 minutes. Drink 1 cup freely.

Tablets/capsules: Raspberry leaves, Helonias, Cranesbill.

BHP (1983) combination: Helonias and Beth root.

Vaginal douche: 1oz Raspberry leaves to 1 pint boiling water. Allow it to cool. Add: 5-10 drops Tincture Goldenseal. Inject warm. Alternative: 1oz Marigold flowers (or herb) to 1 pint boiling water. Allow to cool. Add: 5-10 drops Tincture Myrrh.

Tampon may be immersed and inserted into the vagina, after douching.

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