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Healing Fibroid Tumours Naturally


Healing Fibroid Tumours Naturally is a book written to help women overcome fibroid tumours. The methods in this book are based on my own personal experience, research, knowledge of natural healing and the experiences of other women who have successfully relieved symptoms and shrink fibroids naturally – with the use of diet, fasting and herbal medicine.

Healing Fibroid Tumours Naturally was written to help women with fibroids. In this book, you learn a bit of information about fibroids and natural methods that could be successfully implemented to shrink and rid the body of fibroids.

This book can also be valuable if you are suffering from other conditions affecting the female reproductive system including cysts and endometriosis.

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My Experience
The General Consensus
What are Fibroid Tumours?
Types of Fibroids
Current Treatments
The Prevalence of Fibroid Tumours
Symptoms of Fibroids
How and Why We Get Fibroids
What Aids the Growth of Fibroids?
Unhealthy Diet
The Link Between Diet and Fibroids: What the Research Shows
Hormonal Imbalances: Oestrogen and Progesterone
Nutrient Deficiencies
Toxic Environment
How to Reduce Symptoms, Shrink and Eliminate Fibroids
Method #1 – Method #7
What Else Should You Do?
Intermittent Fasting Methods
Herbal Formula
Juice Recipes
Salads and Dressings

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