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Chaparral Dosage and Recipes

Chaparral (Larrea divaricata) Other names: Creosote bush, Greasewood, black bush, Gobernadora, Hediondilla Family: Zygophyllaceae Parts used: Leaves, stems Action: Antibiotic, powerful blood cleanser, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, alterative, respiratory and urinary antiseptic, anti-oxidant, anti-psoriasis, anti-arthritic. Contains NDGA a powerful parasiticide. Anti-tumour, anti-microbial. Strong bitter, enzyme inhibitor. All body cells feel its influence. Of low toxicity. General Recommendation […]

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Flaxseeds Herbal Formula – Laxative, Prostate, Ulcerations, Hormones…

General Flaxseeds Uses Tea: 2-3 teaspoons to cupful boiling water; infuse 15 minutes. Drink without filtering, with agave for sweetening if necessary. One-third-1 cup. Cold tea for stomach disorders: Half a teaspoon crushed Linseed to cup water soaked overnight. Drink the next morning. Heat if desired. Tincture: 1-2 teaspoons in water. Poultice: Crushed seeds. Half […]

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lily of the valley

Lily of the Valley Herbal Formula

Decoction of Lily of the Valley Root Ingredients: 2 ozs. Lily of the Valley Root (cut) 1 quart distilled water Instruction: 1. Put the root into the water and let stand for 6 hours. 2. Boil slowly for 1 hour, while closely covered. 3. Strain, and add 2 ounces pure glycerine. 4. Cool, bottle and […]

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Burdock Herbal Formulas

Burdock is popularly used to address a number of health conditions. Here are a few burdock-related herbal formula that may be used to improve specific and overall health. Burdock Yellow Dock Red Clover Ingredients equal parts, Burdock Root, Yellow Dock Root and Red Clover Flower. Instructions Place burdock and yellow dock in 2 pints water; […]

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Stinging nettle leaf

Stinging Nettle Beverage for Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Spring is here and there is no doubt you will see the stinging nettle herb (Urtica dioica L.) springing up (no pun intended) just about everywhere, especially as the climate gets warmer and we experience more of the sun. What better time to begin incorporating it into your diet and reap the tremendous benefits of this […]

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